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U and the Union

The article below appeared in the Lear Strasburg Quarterly Newspaper, and was written by sister Callie Pultz.

Bargaining Committee: Top Row (L to R): Philip Easter, Dale Guinn; Bottom Row (L to R): Richie Franklin, Marcy Harrington, Connie Runion, Mike Killen

The following is a list of the plant stewards by plant and shift. In addition to the stewards list, below is the list of Committee Persons and the Union Executive Board at this time. There was a steward vacancy at the time of this writing which is in the process of being filled by election. If this vacancy pertains to your plant and shift and has not been filled, feel free to approach your committee person for your District. There is always someone who will be able to assist you.

Plant Stewards

Building 1st Shift Building 2nd Shift
#1 Jake Poe #1 James Dyke
#2 Molly Wymer #2 Glenn Dellinger
#3 Cindy Shaw #3 Bradford Shiflet
#4 Laura Carter #4 Vacant
Building 3rd Shift
#1 Harold Thompson
#2 and 3 Tyrone Wright
#4 Bobbie Miller

District Committee Persons

District A (1st Shift) District C (2nd Shift)
Buildings 1 and 4 - Mike Killen All Buildings - Richie Franklin
District B (1st Shift) District D (3rd Shift)
Building 2 and 3 - Connie Runion All Buildings - Marcy Harrington

Our Executive Board Consists of the following people and titles:

President Philip Easter
Chairperson Dale Guinn
Vice President Debbie Twigg
Recording Secretary Kim Cook
Financial Secretary Paul Diehr
Sergeant at Arms Gary Miller
Trustees Angelica Palmer
Richie Franklin (Chair Trustee)
Bud McFarland
Guide Harold "Turk" Thompson