Welcome to UAW Local 2999! Membership meetings are the second Tuesday of every month.


April 26, 2004 our Local went into negotiations with the Lear Corporation for our second labor contract. We opened negotiations up with UAW Region 8 Director Gary Casteel in attendance. Director Casteel also toured our plant along with Roger "Beatle" Griffin from the Region 8 Baltimore office. Negotiations lasted until July 2, 2006 as we had a 30 day cooling off period in between. Our CBA was ratified on July 16, 2004.

UAW Local 2999 team. (Front Row) Chairman Philip Easter, Penny Quarles, Bobbie Miller, Kim Cook of the Bargaining Committee. (Back Row) UAW Servicing Rep Don Cordell, Local President Mike Kesner, Committeeman Richie Franklin, and UAW Region 8 Director Gary Casteel.

Lear Strasburg team. Robby Bryan (Lear Corp), Richard Sine, Jeff Kaufman, HR Manager Gary Leeking, General Manager Scott Reed, and Lear Employee Relations Director Bob Standen.

President Mike Kesner and Director Gary Casteel.

Chairman Philip Easter and Director Gary Casteel.

Committeeman Richie Franklin and Area Director Roger "Beatle" Griffin.

Penny Quarles, Bobbie Miller, and Kim Cook.

UAW Rep Don Cordell and Lear Rep Bob Standen exchange contract proposals.

Director Casteel opens up negotiations.

Negotiations begin.

UAW/Lear negotiations 2004.