Welcome to UAW Local 2999! Membership meetings are the second Tuesday of every month.


UAW Region 8 Summer School was held July 24-28, 2006 at Cumberland University in Lebanon, TN. UAW Local 2999 was represented by seven delegates. Debbie Clem, Paul Diehr, Philip Easter, Richie Franklin, David Sandy, Betsy Sayers, and Hal Thompson attended our first summer school training since 2002. Below is a group photo of the 2006 delegates, and other photos from Summer School.

Local 2999 Arrives for Summer School.

UAW Vice-President Bob King addresses Summer School orientation.

UAW Rep Dave Bortz was an instructor and helped organize our Local in 1999.

Hal Thompson and Betsy Sayers.

We visited the UAW Region 8 offices while in Lebanon, TN.

Local 2999 Chairman Philip Easter.

(L to R) David Sandy, Richie Franklin, Paul Diehr, Betsy Sayers, Hal Thompson, Debbie Clem, and Philip Easter.

Assistant Director Donny Bevis and Hal Thompson.

UAW Region 8 Education Rep Joe Rypkowski.

UAW Region 8 Cap Coordinator Jim Rogers.

Debbie Clem, Director Gary Casteel, Betsy Sayers, and Paul Diehr.

UAW Region 8 Director poses with door panel of his Ford F-150 pickup. Members of UAW Local 2999 proudly build the F-150 door panels.