Welcome to UAW Local 2999! Membership meetings are the second Tuesday of every month.


Local 2999 President Scotty Miller and Trustee/Committeeman Richie Franklin attended the UAW CS/IPS Seating and Interiors Council meeting in Detroit, MI. It was held on November 30 and December 1, 2006 at the UAW-Ford Training Center.

The meeting started off with the financial report from the IPS Council, and the minutes from the May meeting were read. Unit reports were given and President Miller spoke on behalf of Local 2999.

UAW Vice President Bob King spoke to the council and gave an update on the IPS sector. Other speakers were Betsy Engle from the UAW Legal Department, who spoke on FMLA, Sarah Doyle who spoke on healthcare, and John Morris who presented a new classification in skilled trades department.

IPS Council President Roger Sosebee (Local 1660) gave a class on contract interpretation, and also showcased our local's website. The next IPS council meeting is scheduled for May 2007.

UAW Vice President IPS/Ford Bob King addresses the council.

IPS Council President Roger Sosebee.

Rick Isaacson assistant to VP King.

Our website was featured at the council meeting.

UAW/Lear Presidents (L to R) Roger Sosebee (1660), Rob Golden (2344), Mike Kreps (1819), Richard Neal (2405), and Scotty Miller (2999).

UAW/Lear locals during council reception.

Richie Franklin, Rich Rankin, and Jim McClung of Local 1112, and Scotty Miller.

Richie Franklin and Scotty Miller posing with Walter Reuther and Henry Ford statue.