Welcome to UAW Local 2999! Membership meetings are the second Tuesday of every month.


On January 18, 2007 our Bargaining Committee met with IAC Chairman Wilbur Ross along with thirteen other UAW-IAC committees. The IPS Department arranged the meeting at the UAW-Ford Training Center in Detroit, Michigan.

Wilbur Ross acquired Lear's Interior Division and he wanted to meet with Union officials to give a presentation of the company's direction into the future. Vice President Bob King also spoke to all the UAW- IAC locals.

After lunch each local was given the chance to voice their opinions and concerns to both VP King and Mr. Ross. Below is a picture of the UAW Local 2999 Bargaining Committee and IAC owner/chairman Wilbur Ross.

(L to R) Karen Foster, Leon McChesney, Wilbur Ross, Debbie Clem, Richie Franklin, Scotty Miller and Penny Quarles.