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As any well planned out event goes Mother Nature wasn't going to make it easy. Our annual UAW Local 2999 Easter egg hunt began with rain clouds and drizzle. Luckily as the morning wore on and preparations were finished the sun began to shine, and we had a big turnout of children from all ages.

Along with the main feature of the egg hunt, there were many other activities and races. We tried to design something for everyone to do. We had the smallest of tots coloring to adults in a entering in a sack race. In order to keep everyone safe we had four different age groups for children. This year we added races for Mom's and Dad's mostly due to the adults wanting to participate from the year before.

We also had a pi´┐Żata, Easter egg coloring, face painting and other races. Every child was a winner and went home with lots of candy and a few wore raw eggs on their clothes as a reminder to keep their eye on where the egg is thrown. The hunt is growing in popularity every year in the future we will be adding something new. We hope to see all the community come out and have a good time with members of Local 2999. This event was held by our Community Service Committee.

VP Karen Foster gives directions for egg toss.

VP Karen Foster starts sack race.